International Companies Operating in Ireland

The Irish corporate tax regime incentivises foreign companies to relocate here. Ireland’s tax treaty network make it attractive for overseas companies to establish a foreign holding or trading company in Ireland. In addition, the Irish corporate tax rate can be lowered through careful tax planning.

Warren & Partners assists international companies to operate out of Ireland by providing advice on:

  • optimal structure for the Irish operation, tax residency and trading status.
  • financing of the operation.
  • comprehensive value added tax (VAT) advice.
  • tax efficient ways to repatriate profits to the home country.
  • accessing attractive research and development (R&D) tax incentives.
  • the holding company capital gains tax (CGT) exemption.
  • the corporation tax exemption for "start up" companies.

Other services include full corporate tax compliance services, payroll services and company secretarial services. During the all-important start up phase, Warren & Partners has assisted clients:

  • liaise with lawyers, regulatory departments, Irish Revenue and other parties to cut through the "red tape" of setting up operations.
  • by providing non executive directors and interim financial controller services
  • where requested, liaised with service providers to address ad-hoc business issues such as banking, recruitment, IT installation, office space etc.

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