Revenue Audits and Investigations

Audits and investigations of individual and corporate taxpayers are on the increase.

These processes are typically detailed and time-consuming and can result in significant tax costs for you.

Our experienced team works with individuals and companies to carry out pre-audit reviews, assess whether issues identified by Revenue may create a tax liability, and where necessary, negotiate settlements with Revenue on behalf of clients.

We have dealt with Revenue Authorities in other jurisdictions such as the UK, the Isle of Man, the US Inland Revenue and other foreign tax jurisdictions, and can work with our trusted advisors in these jurisdictions to offer a holistic solution to our client’s tax compliance obligations.

Where an individual or corporation has an existing tax advisor, we are available to offer an impartial second opinion or a 3rd party review of the technical tax issues identified during the course of the audit or investigation and to provide bespoke solutions.

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