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Accountancy firms use us for one-off or ongoing tax support on complex tax issues facing their clients. We do not provide accountancy services, so we are not a threat to incumbent accountants who want to retain their client.

In view of this, accountancy firms around the country avail of our consultancy services to support their clients tax planning and tax compliance requirements.

How do we provide this support to accountancy firms?

The tax support services we provide can vary from a second opinion on a difficult tax issue to tax support on the design and implementation of a discreet tax assignment for individuals or companies.

Our expertise in handling engagement with Irish Revenue on complex and contentious matters can often be of great help to the incumbent accountant who may be dealing with such issues for the first time on behalf of the client.

Our reach isn’t confined to Ireland only..

Through our network of international tax advisory firms, we can extend the reach of our tax support to accountants by giving their clients access to high quality tax, accounting and legal professionals in other jurisdictions.

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