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Warren & Partners are one of the longest established specialist tax advisory firms in Ireland. Their Dublin-based team of chartered tax advisors have been delivering tax and business consultancy services for over 25 years.

Warren & Partners was founded in 1994 by Kevin Warren. Kevin recognised the need for a firm that was capable of providing customised taxation advice to private and corporate clients operating in Ireland. Warren & Partners was established in Dublin as a boutique tax advisory firm, specialising in developing bespoke tax solutions for each individual client.

Company Growth

Warren & Partners consists of a multidisciplinary team of experienced tax professionals, including accountants, solicitors and former Irish Revenue staff, each of whom has a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of taxation and business. Fellow Partner Tom Mahon joined the firm in 2002 and is now the Managing Partner.  In late 2021, two new Partners were promoted from within the firm, Olga Miller and David Kehoe.

Overall, the leadership team collectively bring over 85 years of experience and knowledge to Warren & Partners and are supported by an experienced and energetic team of tax professionals.

A solutions-driven tax and business advisory service

Today, the directors of Warren & Partners, along with their team, leverage their accumulated tax knowledge and expertise to provide a solutions-driven tax consultancy and business advisory service to their clients. The company’s esteemed reputation evolved from the team’s dedication to excellent service and meaningful results.

An experienced team of chartered tax advisors

Warren & Partners is not a training firm and hires only qualified professionals who have the expertise and knowledge to deal with the vast array of tax, commercial and legal issues that may affect their clients. This means that clients always have access to a team that are highly skilled and best equipped to preserve their wealth.

A unique relationship with Warren Private

Warren & Partners’ sister company, Warren Private, provides complementary real estate investment, management, banking and restructuring services to clients. The combined services of Warren & Partners and Warren Private make it a unique offering in the Irish market.

Warren & Partners are a boutique Irish tax and business advisory firm based in Ballsbridge, Dublin. Our experienced-team of tax advisors will create unique tax solutions for your specific business needs.

Our Team Principals

Kevin Warren



Tom Mahon


Managing Partner

Olga Miller



David Kehoe