Optimal Structure for Irish Operation

Optimal Structure for Irish Operation

When we consider an optimal structure for Irish operation with our clients, there are many things to consider.

Various points need to be addressed before the final structure can be agreed:

  • Should the business initially have a branch or subsidiary operation in Ireland?
  • Is it beneficial to introduce an Irish holding company into your existing corporate structure?
  • Does the structure provide a mechanism to avail of capital gains tax participation exemption on a future sale of the business?
  • How are dividends taxed and how can they be repatriated to the ultimate business owners?
  • Do you wish to diversify your existing business, rationalise existing operations, or merge with another business in the future?

Irish tax law and company law can be optimised to achieve these objectives in an efficient manner.

We can work with your existing legal adviser or nominate an appropriate lawyer for the role, so as to ensure the optimal corporate structure is achieved.

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