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Private Clients & Family Business

We know tax planning is essential to preserve the wealth you have created. We create tailor-made tax solutions for private clients and family business owners, covering the full range of taxes that arise.

We provide advice to high net worth individuals in relation to the following matters:

  • Managing tax aspects of retirement, including assessing the availability of relief from Capital Gains Tax under Retirement Relief or Entrepreneur Relief on retirement from a family business
  • Dealing with complex pension matters, including providing advice to non-Irish tax resident clients who choose to migrate their retirement funds offshore
  • Liaising with Revenue on behalf of clients in respect of Revenue interventions under various tax heads
  • Capital tax planning, including gift or inheritance tax planning
  • The establishment of Family Partnerships to control the passing of wealth to the next generation

As part and parcel of our offerings to high net worth individuals, we provide a comprehensive income tax compliance service. If appropriate, we can also provide a family office solution to individuals. 

We also have years of experience providing advice to several high-level executives:

We are advising executives (including executives working in Google, Twitter and PayPal) on the following matters:

  • Arranging personal financial affairs before moving to Ireland to work with multinationals in a broad range of industries including Technology, Pharma and Banking
  • Advising individuals on their Irish tax filing and payment obligations on becoming Irish tax resident
  • Advising on the availability of the beneficial non domiciled remittance basis of taxation on becoming Irish tax resident
  • Various employment related tax matters (see our Global Mobility services)
  • Working closely with Solicitors to advise on the tax treatment of termination payments paid on exit from high level positions
  • The implementation of tax efficient share plans
  • Identifying Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax filing and payment obligations in respect of share schemes, stock options and Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)

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Warren & Partners are a boutique Irish tax and business advisory firm based in Ballsbridge, Dublin. Our experienced-team of tax advisors will create unique tax solutions for your specific business needs.